About Morning Person Studio

My name is Georgette. I’m a writer, designer, social media professional, and morning person.

After years working with Saas and tech organizations full-time, I started Morning Person Studio to help purpose-driven organizations, female entrepreneurs, and underrepresented business owners share their stories with innovative content marketing and social media.

☀️What I do for brands: I love collaborating with teams. I’m a pro at writing and developing optimized blog posts and landing pages. And organic social media plans and strategy is my jam.

Why work with Morning Person Studio?

I’m a hard worker who loves collaborating with purpose-driven brands.

I’m not afraid to dive into the data to create a standout strategy.

Creativity is my superpower and I love bringing nuanced inspiration to the table.

Want to learn more about me and my work?

Morning Person Studio’s Mission

I started my own business as a space that upheld my values and supported the change I wanted to see from organizations and in representation.

I called it Morning Person Studio because I love celebrating mornings and the inspiration, the newness, and the revelatory energy it brings.

My core values:

  • Bring creativity and curiosity to your solutions
  • Bring an open-mind ready to listen, collaborate, and learn
  • Always lead with empathy
  • Respect yourself, your boundaries, and others

I’m also a dog owner, coffee lover, and proud Filipina. On my off hours I design literary t-shirts and write fiction.

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